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cove cutting on 2424

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  • cove cutting on 2424

    I'm gonna try cove cutting some 8/4 red oak this weekend. Anybody have good results with this size motor? Also, I was thinking of cutting the majority of wood with my rip blade,then clean up the last 1/8" or so with more teeth. Good idea or no?

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    Sorry, no words of wisdom here, but please post your results, I haven't tried this yet but may in the near future.


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      Do not raised the blade any more than 1/32" at any time.Also a slow feed rate is a must.

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        Go to
        Some time ago a Primer on doing cove cuts with pictures was posted. You'll have to use the search engine on the site to find it, but it is one of the best step by step write ups on a forum I've come across.
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          I'm proud to say my first cove cut on a table saw went very well! Slow feed and took off about 1/32-1/16 per pass. I cut a cove 4 1/2 wide x 1 3/8 deep,the saw performed just fine as long as I didn't push it too hard. I used a systamatic 60 tooth combo blade, SHAAAAAAAARP!