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  • Router Bit speeds

    I recently purchased (Lee Valley Tools) "Rail & Stile" bits (1 3/8" diameter) and a 2" diameter raised panel bit, to be used in a (3HP?)Bosch 1613EVS router (variable speed range is 12,000 - 22,000). These bits are "fairly hefty" but not neccessarily 'large heavy bits'.
    What is the best speed range to cut pine, and should I be making the cuts in one pass, or several successive passes.

    Cheers, Jules

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    go slow and never free hand with style of bit.use 12000 as a starting point and take several cuts. there are also vertical panel raising bits that do as good a job if not better and are one heck of a lot safer. these can be used full speed but still require several passes. always cut end grain first,in case of any tear out when the edge grain is cut it will clear this up.