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  • DP1550 question

    Has anybody ever used a mortising attachment with the Ridgid DP1550 drill press and if so what brand would fit? (Delta, Jet, Shopsmith, etc.) I'm debating wheter or not to buy a dedicated mortiser or buy the DP1550 and get an attachment. Thanks, Bob Howe

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    I have the delta mortising attachment and it works just fine. It is a little tight,but if you are careful to set it up right,you will do fine.


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      the real answer is how often will you be using it less then 10 times per year buy the attachment 11-20 times if your buget allows i would start to really consider getting the real deal 21 or more times a year no question in my mind then but this is just my opinon
      9/11/01, never forget.


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        When I asked the same question of some other woodworkers, the issue of chuck runout over time was brought up numerous times along with the lack of simplicity of setting up the attatchment.

        I am waiting to find a deal I can't resist on a dedicated machine but have found that there are really few mortises that I can't figure out a way to cut with my router. I bought the Woodcraft tenoning jig for $60 and just knock off the corners of the tenons and they work real well inside mortises with round corners.