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?????????? Metal Detectors ??????????

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  • ?????????? Metal Detectors ??????????

    I would like some feedback from you guys with the metal detectors for wood.

    It seems to me that it will pay for itself by finding nails and staples before my planer blades find them.

    Can these detectors pick up the staples that some home centers attach tags with?

    What is a good brand and price for these detectors?


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    I bought mine at HD.. ZIRCON VIDEOSCANNER 5.5. It takes some thought and rereading the directions. Once you have mastered them I feel that this will be be a GREAT investment. I have had mine for 9 months and would not run ANYTHING in the planer / joiner without using it FIRST. Just finished running 985+ lnft rough cut cypress, 104 boards and each and EVERY ONE was checked, luckly nothing was found. I also recycly some othe wood and this unit has PAID for its self many times. Yes IT WILL find VERY small metal fragments. Go for it, take a piece of stock with staples, brads, whatever to the store and check it out.. Dick