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Table Saw Bevel Problem

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  • Table Saw Bevel Problem

    I have a craftsman table saw, the bevel screw came out of the threaded nut(where it connects to the saw) I cant get it back in as there is not enough clearance. Can I take the cabinet apart from the table and repair this?

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    Don't know which model you have----but also confused about which screw----Is it one of the set screws for the threaded stops on the rod or is it where the rod attaches to the side of the case? On those two----for the stops----turn them until the hole faces down and come in from the bottom of the saw frame. For the place where the rod attaches to the cabinet---you may need to work with someone else---one pushing the rod towards the hole and the other on the side setting the screw----if it's something else---more description please.