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Dado Blades

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  • Dado Blades

    I was thinking of of buying a Ts3650 saw and would like to use it to cut dado's 13/16 wide and smaller. Is this saw capable of doing so with a normal stacked dado blade without the adjustable outer blade? Does the adjustable outer blade on the Freud SD608 make it to wide to fit on this saw? or is the saw only capable of cutting 9/16 wide dado's with every or any dado blade?

    I have posted this before but only got 2 responses. Both where different. I'm hoping to get more info before i purchase this saw. Also if you can use a conventional stacked dado blade on this saw to make 13/16" dado's, Wich do you recommend.

    Thank you for any advice you can give me on the subject.

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    You are able to cut 13/16' dados with conventional blade. Freud makes conventional dado blades that are very good.


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      SC Wood,
      Thanks for the Reply. I'm going to buy the saw this week. and a dado too.


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        After making dado cuts on my table saw, the hard way (one pass at a time on a regular blade) I have removed the freud dado from my WANTS list and added it to the NEEDS list