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conference table 18 feet

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  • conference table 18 feet

    I need some help to make a conference table 18 feet (1 Piece) plywood and veneer on the top so what is better to joint the plywood (completely straight ) make a frame, make a groove,glued strips an use plywood on the top i'm not really sure some advice please

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    How wide? Does it really need to be 1 piece? Most cube vans are only 16' how will you transport it? One piece or not I would use 3 sheets multi-layer or baltic laminated together with staggered joints. Now with a solid base you can add sheet veneer to the top and hardwood edges. A good thick and wide hardwood edge will limit the flex in the table and provide excellent wear resistance with the ability to add a nice profile.


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      Transportation does not sound like the hard part. Using the correct peice of wood does.

      What kind of wood are you going to use and are you on a tight budget?

      Other than the 18' lenght, what are your other dimensions?

      Will the table be in a location that is expected to be around for a while or is it higly likely that the owners will be more transient?


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        One point that WBROOKS hit on is the size! Unless the boardroom were the table is going is on the ground floor, you’re going to have one hell of bad time trying to get that baby in to a elevator! , and it sounds like this beast of a table may be a headache to take up the stairs as well.
        Just thought that I would mention that because I work for a furniture removal company and we come up against this kind of problem, more often than you might think.

        All The Best...Grayskin...

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          Hi guys, hey norva
          it seems all of these questions are valid and extremely important. If your table is no more than 4 feet wide there are some lumber suppliers that can get you 4' X 10'X 3/4" sheets of oak veneer. Probably other woods as well.
          If you got two of these you would only have one joint in your table, and for moving you should be able to move 9 foot peices much much easier. the frame would have to be removable so as to assemble on site. You could even get the gear driven assembly for some of the better tables that open up for an extra leaf.

          Then by doweling the faces that butt together, you could have a smooth aligned tabletop.

          Just my 2 cents.

          happy woodworking guys