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bs1400 table problems

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  • bs1400 table problems

    I have just purchased the bs1400 and the cast iron table was shipped in a bag with machine oil. Now for the problem. All of the oil has dried to the table. I have scraped off as much that would come off of the table with a scraper but a large ammount remains. How can I remove the rest of the thin layer of oil from the table top? On my ts2424 the wings did not have the oil dried on so should this have happened on my bs1400? I would appreacte any tips you can offer on how to remove the oil.

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    I used paint thinner on my table saw. Im sure anything like this would work. If you dont have anything try wd-40.


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      Most manuals suggest kerosene. Since it is a little easier to buy whale fur around here , I use Simple Green, followed by WD40, and finally wax.



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        Thank you both for all of your help I will try it.


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          I'm not familiar with the BS1400, but I clean the cast iron table on my TS2424 with mineral spirits. You can probably use almost any of the popular solvents. However, make sure you protect the table with a paste wax afterwards to prevent rust. Don't use anything that contains silicon. Silicon can affect the way that finishes adhere to the wood. I use Butchers Brand (Bowling Alley) paste wax which seems to work really well. Home Depot carries it. I have heard that Kerosene leaves a parafin wax residue, but I would still suggest putting some paste wax on the table after cleaning it.

          Use the wax periodically depending upon how "hard" you use the saw.


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            Thank you all for your help my table looks great.


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     you actually own one or is that your dream car??


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                You could say it is a dream, but for what I spend on tools I could have got one.