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  • Routing tip needed

    I’m in the process of building my daughter a desk and need to tap into someone’s experience with routing boards that have been edge glued. I want to copy a keyboard platform that I noticed in the spring 03 Rockler catalog (p23). If I edge glue the boards together, will the joint withstand the abuse once I start routing out the trough? My plan was to plunge utilizing a dish cutter bit in Red Oak; if this does not sound feasible any suggestions on alternative methods would be appreciated.



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    I frequently edge-glue wood into wider panels, both for big flat areas like table tops and drawer fronts, and for raised panel doors that go through violent routering. The glue is stronger than the wood - if I trim a scrap, when I try to break the joint, the wood always breaks first.

    Of course, I make sure that the edges being glued are well planed, spread evenly with ordinary yellow PVA glue on both surfaces, and clamped well. I use biscuits for alignment of the thicker boards more than for strength.

    I use gorilla glue rather than yellow glue where the glue might be a problem to clean, like the rails and stiles of the door (since it accepts stain). I also use it where I need waterproof glue, rather than the type 2 yellow glue, but that is getting a long way from your "can I router a glued up panel" question.

    If you need edge grain into end grain, you need a mortise and tenon, breadboard, or other reinforced joint.


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      Duh! I shouldn’t try and think while I’m suffering with a cold, thanks Charlie for pointing out the obvious.



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        If you glued up using a good yellow glue you won't have any problem with the routering. I have been in the woodworking business now for over fourty years. But I have to say I am still learning HA HA. While I am talking about glue. I have used all kinds over the years and go through about five gallons a month. The best glue I could recomend right now on the marked would be the yellow glue called Pro Bond. You can buy it at Home Depot. I have even used it on making my mail boxes which is outside in all kinds of weather and have never had a problem with any coming apart. On all my Hutch and buffets, Jelly Cupboards you name it. As the fellow before me said. When glued up properly the glued joint is stronger than the wood itself. If you want proof just glue up a piece of wood over night and try and break it. Well hope this helps. I am new to this group so might be able to contribute a few tips of the trade once and awhile. Taker easy. George
        Parting Words:<br />Knowledge and timber shouldn\'t be much used till they are seasoned.