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TS3650 Arbor Runout Specs?

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  • TS3650 Arbor Runout Specs?

    What's Ridgid's spec for "acceptable" runout on the TS3650? I haven't seen it posted publicly anywhere, and the response that I'd gotten when I called their tech support seemed so outrageous (.016") that it can't possibly be true.

    Is .016" correct or did I get my wires crossed with technical support? Wouldn't that then translate into an even larger runout if you measure out the teeth of a saw blade?

    There sure seem to be a lot of people that are happy with this saw...I couldn't imagine many of them being that sloppy.

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    You might try calling the nearest Ridgid Service Center and ask them if they have this info. I looked in my 3612's manual and couldn't find that information listed. FWIW, I don't recall arbor runout ever being mentioned before as a problem with any Ridgid TS, Emerson or TTI.
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      Thanks for the reply Badger, I'll give that a try.

      I didn't mean to indicate that there was yet another general problem with the TS3650 arbors...merely that Ridgid's support has told me that they feel that .016" is acceptable. This doesn't necessarily mean that none of these saws have more precise arbors that are nearer to .001", but that apparently Ridgid wouldn't have a problem sending out a saw with .016" of runout on the arbor.

      How could a person ever expect to make a clean accurate cut when that kind of runout, especially once it's been multiplied by adding a blade (assuming a perfectly flat blade, the distance from the arbor to the teeth of the blade would increase the runout).


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        cmyers: FWIW the runout on my replacement arbor is a flat .000. This is the same as what my original arbor runout was.

        I would agree that .016 would extrapalate out to a bunch of runout on the blade tips.



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          It is clear that with some models of stack and safety dado blade sets that there can be clearance and alignment issues when used in conjunction with the RIDGID® Model TS3650 table saw. We apologize for any confusion or performance issues that they may have created for those of you who have experienced a problem of this nature. This problem does not occur with all dado blade sets so as a result RIDGID would like to provide you with this means of assistance should you have a concern with your TS3650 arbor and the use of specialty blades like dado sets.


          Our experienced technical support staff will quickly be able to diagnose any potential issues you may have with your TS3650 arbor. If you do have a problem, we will stand behind you and do what we can to supply you with a remedy so that you have the optimum performance, productivity, and enjoyment out of your RIDGID TS3650.