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Ridgid Planer noise

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  • Ridgid Planer noise

    I haven't heard any other Ridgid Planers run so I have nothing to compare to. My Planer sounds like the motor bearings might be going bad. I usually hear a rattling noise when I turn of the planer. I've taken the chain drive off and I still hear the noise so I'm pretty sure its within the motor.

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    A few RIDGID planers have had excessive gear noise, but this is only under no-load or when you turn the machine off. There is nothing broken, nor will anything break. You can cut down on this noise by simply adding more lube to the gears.

    On the left side of the cutterhead there is a black plastic tray that runs from front to back. Squeeze the front and the back of the tray and pop it off. Reach up into that area and you should find two plates with a set of gears between them. Apply a liberal amount of green or brown bearing grease to the gears. This should quiet them down, and if the plainer starts making more noise simply add more lube.