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  • Incra 1000SE Miter Guage Owners

    Couldn't pass up the deal Woodpeckers was offering a couple of weeks ago and picked up one these for $117 including fgt. The unit was square on right out of the box.

    There is such a difference between this miter guage and the stock Ridgid miter guage that I'm not sure if the miter bar needs adjusting or not. As it is right out of the box, it fits very snugly in the miter slot and it does takes a little effort to push the miter guage. Is this the way it should be? Obviously, there is zero slop as it is now and I don't want it so loose that accuracy suffers but at the same time I'm thinking that it's a little too tight. FWIW, the width of the miter slot in my 3612 measures 0.745 which happens to be at the edge of what Incra refers to as a std. miter slot(0.745-0.755) and also what they call an undersized miter slot(0.735-0.745). What did you other Ridgid contractor saw owners do, leave the black disc on the bar or remove them?

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    I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.

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    Dave: I have the Incra 2000, and as you said, dead on out of the box. Day and night difference betwen it and the stock miter gauge!

    As to the discs, I would back the adjuster off just a little so you're not feeling resistance. i would think you would get excess wear on the disc if it's tight.

    Mine almost feels like it's floating in the slot with no resistance and no side to side play.



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      I have the 5000, you should have it adjusted so there is no slop and it slides easily. It takes a little playing around to get it just right.


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        I've only the got the V27, but once those expandable spacers are adjusted right....holy smokes that thing takes off across the saw. No slop either. I like my Incra better than my EB-3, but the V27 does need a fence.


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          I found the SE for $119 shipped. Is it worth the diff of $10 over the non SE? Thanks


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            I have both the regular and the SE. Yes, the SE is worth an extra $10. My SE has an extendable fence bar, which makes it very useful.
            Joe Spear


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              I have to have one of these.


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                BD -
                I have a TS2424 and I ended up removing the three black disks and slightly tightening two of the three white disks. What did you do?


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                  cjh20, what worked for me was to slightly loosen up both of the two exposed black and white discs and leave the black and white discs under the protractor alone.

                  Between your solution and mine is sorta sounds like the disc may not be installed exactly the same on every miter guage as they roll off of the assembly line.

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                  I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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                    Seems I ended up with just the white disks (on an old Emerson Craftsman). Trouble with getting this high falutin', accurate stuff----found out my miter slot narrows towards the back-----1000 gets hard to push after it passes the leading edge of the blade.


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                      Got one. Adjusted it and it is incredible. Works so good on the TS3650.... I'm in love with this one. Thanks.


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                        Just received my 1000SE on Monday for my TS2400LS. Was thinking the V27 was more my speed, but then found the 1000SE for just under $100 delivered from Prior to that, the best price I'd ever seen was around $130 + S&H.

                        I think the std. Ridgid miter is much nicer than what comes with other saws in this class, but the slop in the groove really irritated me. Reading about Incra's "expanding discs" in this forum, got me looking at their products. The 1000SE adjusted perfectly with the black discs on one side and the expanding whites on the other.

                        As a novice woodworker, I'll probably never even come close to using it at it's full potential ... but at that price I could not pass it up.