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  • JP0610

    I have been looking at this JP0610 for a while and really can not make up my mind. Any input either for or against will be helpful. ( my delta benchtop is just not large enough ) Thanks

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    The jointer is worth the money. The set up is very easy. If I had to but the jointer again I would!
    Andy B.


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      I, too, find the JP610 an excellent unit. In addition to working well on wood, when you sharpen the blades, they are exceptionally easy to replace and align. (And after sharpening, the Jointer left wood almost like it was sanded. It was working well enough that I didn't know I had a problem, but the improvement from sharpening - after a year's use - was amazing.)

      It is very tempting to get in the habit of using a thickness planer on both sides of a board, and only use the jointer for edges. That produces two smooth parallel sides, but doesn't really make the board flat. So once I got the JP really sharp again, I started using the jointer to flatten the first side like you are supposed to (and doing the second side on the planer). Which brings up the first limitation of the 610 - Can't plane a board that is 7 or 8 inches wide! It is rare enough that I get a good board over 6 inches, but I have come to appreciate why some people have 8 inch or wider jointers.


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        I think the price has come down to$399, which makes it a deal. if you go looking at the Jet or Delta models, I would spend the extra $$ and buy a Grizz 8".

        I have the JPO610 and like it a lot. I don't know how I ever got along without it.


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          I agree with all of the above, can not go wrong with the Ridgid JP0610.


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            As Charlie P points out, the only real limitation is that it can't face plane boards between 6-8" wide. But in those rare cases that you find yourself with a board of that width, have the wood supplier surface joint one face of the board. When you compare the price of an 8" jointer vs a 6" jointer, the $400+ price difference can be used to clean up the faces of quite a few 8" wide boards!