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    I asked about experience with a pantograph and did not get a response so I will try another angle.

    Does anyone have experience with sign making? This is something I would like to try and I don't know where to start. I have seen some carving duplicators that are cost prohibitive for me right now. (unemployed and disabled). I have seen the sign makers at sears that look too cheap to be useful. Is there anything in between? I am not super skilled so I don't want to try freehand routing and I don't have a bank roll.

    Can anyone help?


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    You might be able to find an old popular Mechanics magazine with plans for a pantograph for a Dremel moto tool in it.Granted, the dremel tool isn't for any heavy duty sign making but you can get some experience with pantograph work with it. A pantograph is basicly a paralellogram with one end fixed to the work surface, and a mounting for your tool on the other end. For sign work, I'd look at a 1/4 in. high speed electric grinder instead of a router.
    The speed range is right, and the tool is easier to design a mounting for. I can give you amore detailed description and some design ideas is it would help.
    Email me at:

    Dave Weckwerth