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  • which wood?

    I'm fairly new to wood working and would like some advice on which type(s) of wood are best suited for my next project, an Adirondack chair for the yard? Also if anyone out there is in my area (Detroit), can you tell me where is the best place to buy wood? The selection at Home Depot is pretty limited. Oh yeah, if anyone knows of a good plan for a Folding Adirondack chair that would be really great too!

    Thanks for any advice you can offer!

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    if i am not mistaken, norm built a folding adirondack chair on the new yankee workshop last season?

    this month's wood magazine has a great plan for a adairondack glider and references past projects including an adirondak chair in "issue 149"

    i am very fond of cedar for outdoor projects.

    cant help with a supplier in your area...sorry


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      We build ours out of the premium treated deck lumber from Home Depot. It is saturated with Thompson's water seal, rather than with poisons. The 5/4 by 6 inch decking is a full inch thick, and makes great chairs. For the backs, that we like to have flex a little, we resaw the 5/4 in half.

      I don't believe in folding Adirondak chairs (I was raised in upstate New York - near the Adirondaks - and that ain't right ), but if you are clever, they are stackable.


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        Try this site;

        To find sources of lumber, veneer, plywood or laminates, or local sawmills and sawmill services.


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          You might want to consider visiting your local plastics supplier. They sell a plastic product called Gatorwood that handles like wood, comes in colors or wood grain and can be glued and stained. And it's more water and fade resistant than any wood. Check the web for Piedmont plastics as 1 source.

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            I'm a big fan of Cedar for the chair as well. IMO, Cedar is a truly beautiful wood..

            However, you can build with pine and be doing just fine. Just be sure to protect it afterwards (insert Mr. Obvious pic here )


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              Originally posted by Bob D.:
              Try this site;


              To find sources of lumber, veneer, plywood or laminates, or local sawmills and sawmill services.
              Great link Bob. Thanks!


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                Armstrong Millworks east of 23 on M-59 in Highland, Michigan. These guys are the real deal. More species of wood than I will ever use - well, maybe not. Huge jointer and planer. Over 900 custom molding profiles. Prices of rough lumber less that s4s at Home Depo. Obviously soft maple, red oak and poplar - last time I looked HD was out of bubinga. One rule: straighten up the bins and no wood on the floor. Coffee and cookies too

                Best regards,



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                  Highland is a bit far from Canton, but I might have to check it out!

                  Where are other people in the area located?

                  Canton, MI