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Molding Head Mfgs.

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  • Molding Head Mfgs.

    Can I have some recommendations of a good manufacture of Molding Heads? The saw is a Rigid TS-3650 so I would assume perhaps a 7" will suffice? (Can an 8" be used?). I have the Dado Insert so I'm all set as far as that goes.

    I bought a Craftsman Molding Head yesterday but one of the set screws is stripped - which does not leave me with a particularly warm and fuzzy feeling. I really don't want to have a blade imbedded in my forehead, thank you.

    I see that Delta has a Head (w/3 blades) for $142.00 ( The Craftsman Head (sans blades) is only $34.00. I think that speaks volumes...

    I was surprised to see that Freud does not make any. :-/


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    You may have to do a little further checking to confirm if these will work on the 3650 but This Site has some.
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      Many thanks. Boy, that sure looks like the Craftsman. I did confirm that Delta does in fact still make one but at nearly 5X the price. They seem to be very, very few and far between.

      I was speaking with a friend yesterday who has been Woodworking for the past 25 years. About 20 years ago he had one cutter come loose at full throttle...and he hasn't touched a molding head since. Apparently it whizzed right past his ear.

      Again, thank you!


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        I have the Craftsman molding head and I use it regularly on a 2424 with good results, no problems, and no concerns. Any product can have a defect; I'd take yours back and get another.


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          Why not use the Ridgid molding head cutter? Go to