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ripping a countertop

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  • ripping a countertop

    I'm new so hope this is not too goofy, but can I cut through a formica-laminated countertop with the blade that came with my Ridgid TS2424 table saw or is there a specific blade for this material?

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    As far as cutting the countertop, the blade that came with your RIDGID saw will do it, but there are blades specificly for that purpose. The problem you will have is with chipping the formica. There are blades made specificly for formica and melamine, that minmize chipping. So if you are planning to cut large amounts of countertop, I would recommend one of these blades. If you just need to make one or two cuts, a strip of masking tape where the cut will be made will help prevent chipping with a regular blade.



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      This is for one project only... couple of cuts. I knew about the masking tape but was not sure about the blade. Thanks for the heads-up.