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  • rousseau base plate

    I have a RYOBI router and was wondering if the rousseau base plate would owrk with it. I really would liek to upgrade routers but not in a position to do so. The plate advertises it works with all routers but wanted to get some opinions on if that is indeed fact. Thanks

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    The Rousseau base plate should work. You have to drill the holes to mount the router. There are concentric circles on the back of the plate to help center the router. You can use your current base plate as a guide.
    Can someone help me install this blade!!!!!!


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      Rosseau also makes a kit that contains a 1/8" rod, a plate with a 1/8" hole that sits in the baseplate and several screws that fit in the holes for the baseplate with points on em to mark the locations for the screw holes. Used it with some success with my Ryobi and Rosseau base plates. I finally got tired of my Ryobi router and upgraded to the PC 691 kit, twice as much $ but 4 times the router.