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  • Home Depot and Ridgid

    If this has been covered already I apologize but I read in the paper that Home Depot and Ridgid have had a falling out of some sort. Since I am looking hard at a Ridgid TS I wonder if HD will stop carrying the Ridgid line in the future. Does anyone have any updated info? Thanks.

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    Here we go again!
    I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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      Welcome to the forum!

      Please don't get a sour taste to Ridgid or this forum from the comments about HD.

      Jake is the Woodworking Tools Product manager and monitors this forum and has the offical news from the Ridgid perspective.

      In gereral, anytime you mention HD on this forum, all hell breaks loose. We the users for the most part almost despise HD due to poor inventories and ignorant (Ridgidly speaking) sales help.

      I think the bottom line for you though and Jake can confim this. Regardless of the Ridgid / HD relationship, Ridgid will honor their product and LIFETIME warranty. Ridgid tools are great products at a great value. HD is just an obstacle.

      If you choose Ridgid, (and even if you don't) please hang out on the forum, ask questions and chip in when you can (even for humor).

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        Well put, Rick.

        Welcome, Gary. The folks on this forum have been more than helpful as far as my questions are concerned. Especially since I'm sure that some of my questions have been asked before.

        I've read with interest the comments about HD, or as someone called them, the BORG, and can only say that I'm fortunate here in Kerrville that they have a guy who does their Ridgid area who is a real tool nut. I only hope that he stays, because it's obvious that he really cares about his area and that the tools get a good showing.
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          Would be interested in reading the article you mentioned---do you have a web link?

          I'd also echo Rick's comments. Even if Ridgid and the BORG do go their separate ways, you'd still be dealing with a real class company---Ridgid/Emerson. Besides, even if they left HD and went strictly mail order, there are some real sucessful tool manufacturers who aren't in stores and give great support/customer service.

          There is no question buying Ridgid tools from the BORG is a challange! Just take heart in that, once you buy the tool, you'll have great support from Jake, this forum, and easy ordering of parts, if ever necessary.


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            Thanks guys. For a while I thought I had really screwed up by asking the question. I just happened to read the article in the business section of the daily paper here in Baton Rouge. I like the looks of Ridgid stuff but would miss the oportunity to "kick the tires" in person which I have done so many times already. I am new to this site but am impressed with the willingness to help and inform that I see displayed. Maybe I'm too dense to expect better but my experience at Home Depot has not been so bad. Most of the time I go to look at a tool after having researched it and knowing much more about it than the part time help that HD employs but that is the extent of my bad experience. Heck, when I retire soon I would not mind being one of those part timers myself. Again, I did not mean to ruffle feathers.


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              You didn't ruffle any feathers, you just took a chance of uncorking the bottle HD whoopA$$.

              I was more concerned about you thinking this forum was a waste of time.

              Hey it was your first post, how could you know it was a hot ticket!

              Again, Welcome and have confidence in Ridgid. If you got a good HD local, tells us about it, we need the positive spin as often as we can get it. Course, we may get jealous and start calling you names but, it will be in fun

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                Welcome to the Forums Gary.

                I was at the Cadillac, MI HD today again. Out of curiousity I took about 10 minutes and looked the exclusive section they have given to Ridgid machinery stock. They have 4 or 5 of every piece except the new MS1290, none of those. I counted 5 lathes, 4 band saws, 4 3612, 4 2412, 5 jointers, at least 6 Drill press, 4 for sure are 1550. The bench top machines were more abundant, I'd say 6 to 8. The very top rack consisted of shrunk wrapped palets so there could be more I couldn't see to count on the back side.

                I then turned around and looked at the displays. Everything was displayed except the bandsaw, MS1290 & TS3612. They had both drill presses displayed and a 2400, 2412 and 2424. Next time up there I'm going to see what they would sell the 2424 display for just for the heck of it.

                I would say the sheets haven't cooled down between Ridgid and HD, at least not in this area.
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                  It's funny because I was in our local HD today here in Delaware. [img]smile.gif[/img] When I passed by the Tool Section I noticed a few more Ridgid pieces on display. It was a lot neater too. I just laughed to myself saying, "Somebody has been reading this Forum".


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                    my worst HD experience was when i lived in california. my closest depot was the Oxnard store and what a group of inconsiderate a------s. i drove the extra 13 miles or so down to the Thousand Oaks store which was like night and day. Then the Camarillo store opened and it was a nice group of people. Then i moved back to the midwest and must admit that i have three HD's in my immeadiate area, Lansing, IL, Homewood, IL, and Scherriville, IN. All three are well stocked and the people are friendly. Not always the most knowledgable but always eager to help and courteous. they even open more registers during the lunch hour as to get people on their way quickly. i guess i am one of the lucky ones
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                      I must agree. They are decent stores. A few problems but in general, good. I got all my stuff from the Scherrillville store (avoid IL Tax). I would go the Cal City store to look at them first since they have a better display.

                      The guys at the Scherrillville store actually did a few cuts for me so I could see the saw in action. (That was after they found the guy that knew how to use it, then the extension cord, the outlet, wood. They were persistent and nice. It took 4 of them to get it done.) It did freak me out when he used the miter gauge and fence at the same time but they sold me on it (TS2424). The manager also gave me 30% off on the DP1500. Not bad.


                      I am not sure if they changed it but the Cal City store had a TS2424 with 3612 rails and a 2424 fence. The other stuff is in decent shape and the folks were very nice and helpful.


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                        i shop at cal city because it is less than 5 minutes from my house. but if i need a large amount of anything i make the short trip into indiana to save on tax (and fill my car up to boot). Since i am not in the market for a table saw i havent really looked at the table saws but by far the nicest ower tools display i have seen is the homewood illinois store.

                        Home Depot when they first opened prided themselves on their customer service. As they have gotten bigger, they have lost something. There are a few knowledgable people at the cal city store that i seek out when i have a question, and a few cashiers that know me by name. but i have been to some pits as well. The big whigs need to take a more active role in their customer service training and monitoring or they are going to sink
                        \"A SHIP OF WAR IS THE BEST AMBASSADOR\"<br /><br />OLIVER CROMWELL


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                          If Rigid is/was? exclusively sold by HD isn't there any other place can one buy a Ridgid BS1400 band saw?


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                            Exclusive, means exclusive. You can buy the BS1400 from the exclusive USA distributor, HD.