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circuit amperage for tools.

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    'olCrookedCut I agree with you that it is poor design to wire plugs on the same circuit if there is a good chance more than one will be used at a time with loads approaching the circuit rating. I'm not sure about 20a circuits, but for residential in Canada with 15a you can have up to 12 loads per cicuit which is an awful lot. The argument is that the chances of them all being used at the same time, or having multiple ones in use with high load items is fairly small. The kitchen is an exception where they used to wire split recepticles for that reason.
    When I wire the shop, I'll try and think things through first and not put everything on the same circuit just because I am technically allowed to.
    Thanks for your suggestions.


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      Maybe I'm a little nutty, but I actually enjoyed wiring my garage! I ran two wires in the same holes all the way around, and dropped a box every six feet, alternating circuits. That way, for the cost of half a roll of Romex, I have two seperate circuits available every twelve feet. I did that so I can run my welder and the trouble light, etc. without ever needing an extension cord or blowing a circuit. A third circuit finished the other end and supplies the outside outlet. For some reason in Wi. we need to haul battery boosters outside in the winter...
      Have fun and good luck!
      \"Is it Friday yet?\"