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Ridgid 12" Compound Miter Saw

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  • Ridgid 12" Compound Miter Saw

    I plan to purchase a 12" compound miter saw soon. I was leaning toward Dewalts model @ $299 until I noticed Ridgid's @ $299 at Home Depot with a stand included. Can someone tell me if the Ridgid deal is a good one and if the Ridgid saw is as good or better than other makers? Thanks.

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    I did some shopping for a compound miter saw and I liked the fit, finish, and features on the Dewalt models the best. However, I did notice that Porter-Cable has a saw out that has a really nice fence with all the same features for cheaper than Dewalt and Ridgid. Ridgids warranty is nice though.
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      I can tell you that I was not happy for some time with my Craftsman 12" compound miter saw (it was a gift). I do not know who actually made the saw for Craftsman. The first one I had came out of the box with a problem in the construction that made it impossible to tighten the lock knob for the miter setting. It had the correct knob but it just would not reach far enough to tighten and there was no adjustment for it. I took it back and swapped it for another and it was ok.

      However, it was a while before I used it in an actual project. I found quickly that one side (left side) of the 1-piece cast fence could not be squared with the blade. I could square the right side but not the left. The result was miter cuts with the workpiece extending to the left side of the blade were more than a degree off (almost 2 degrees).

      I was finally able to correct it. I had to remove the fence completely and use my Dremel to elongate the bolt holes. I could then flex the left side of the fence far enough to square both sides with the blade.

      If I buy another down the road, it will likely be Ridgid.


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        My Wife gave me the Ridgid 12" Compound Mittersaw for Christmas last year, I could not be happier with it. I was able to use it right out of the box all the setting were right on the money. I let a good friend use the saw to cut cut the molding for his new house he also loved it, I'm fairly certion he'll buy one and he normaly only buys craftsman. If you ask me go with the Ridgid I dont think you'll be disapointed.
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          Stevecan, the saws you have mentioned are both fine saws. When you get tools that are comparably priced, pretty much boils down to features. Only you know what you like. Play with them both. I have found it helpful to download the manuals (Ridgid) to see how the item is calibrated. If I can see that the tool can be "tuned" for accuracy fairly simply, that's always a plus. This could/would prevent a problem like George had with his Craftsman.

          Bottom line, it's your money. If someone were to give me either one I'd be very pleased. As Daniel mentioned, Ridgid makes good stuff. By the way, a little bird told me that Ridgid will soon be coming out with a 12" sliding compound miter saw, if that's of any interest to you.


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            I have been using that saw for just over a year now. It is a very good saw, but the support you get from Ridgid is even better.
            The blade brake quit recently. I called tech support and described the problem and my trouble-shooting. There response was, "No problem. Looks like you need a new motor. What's your address?"
            You can't ask for better service than that.