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need advice on sealer for end of fresh cut green lumber

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  • need advice on sealer for end of fresh cut green lumber

    Just had a nice sized white oak log cut into 1" lumber.
    (finally some cheap lumber in a couple years when it's dry).

    Just wondering if there are any recommendations on what the best sealer is to use on
    the ends to prevent/reduce cracking? I couldn't find the sealer type mentioned in one
    article I found on drying wood. Perhaps the Ontario selection is limited?

    Any info on sealers or general drying techniques appreciated.


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    I just give it a GOOD coat of an oil base paint. Color does not matter unles you are color coding as to the kind ok wood.. Oak I do Blue, Fir I go orange, and pine I use white, etc.. This will help in later on to identify just what you have on hand. After the paint dries I note the length , thickness and width with a magic marker. Hope that this helps.. Doc


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      Thanks for the good advice Doc! [img]tongue.gif[/img]


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        I use anchorseal to seal my turning blanks. I use this link to order it. It may not be necessary for milled lumber, but it works well on large pieces.

        Anchorseal Order Page