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Cypress or ACQ Treated Pine Fence?

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  • Cypress or ACQ Treated Pine Fence?

    Hello all,
    Looking to purchase/have a new fence installed at my place. After having a few places come out for measurments/estimates I am getting the push for either ACQ Treated Pine or Cypress

    A local shop is using cypress at a much cheaper price than HD/Lowes who will use ACQ Treated Pine.

    So the question is. Do I save the money and go local or pay more and get the warranties?

    Which would is actually better for a fence?

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    I don't know what warranties are being offered, but IMHO I would give my business to the local shop. I would use pressure treated for the posts that are in contact with the ground and cypress for everything else. Just make sure they use fasteners rated for the new pressure treated lumber where necessary.

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