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  • Finish for a clothes drawer

    I am building a 4 drawer chest of drawers for my daughter and having WAY TOOO much fun. I have finished making the drawers of baltic birch ply. My question is what is a good finish for the drawers? I would like basically a clear finish and don't want to damage the clothing.

    Thanks in advance for your insights!

    Every project I start is a gamble.

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    a polyurethein(sp) varinsh is a good choise.
    Andy B.


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      Shellac, waterborne or lacquer. You would have to hold a gun to my head to get me to put anything oil-based in a drawer, as it will stink for years.



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        Yup, water-based anything. A customer specified an oil-based finish in spite of my attempts to discourage her. It has been three months now and she is still just looking at her blanket chest.
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          Thanks guys for your posts. I am out of town on a bussiness trip (close to a Rockler store in PA) and haven't had a chance to check the forum.

          Water base is shall be!

          Thanks again

          Every project I start is a gamble.


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            Or leave the inside of the drawers unfinished. I certainly have finished the inside of kitchen drawers and cabinets to seal them from the dirty environment, but have seen a lot of unfinished drawers in coffee tables and clothes drawers, and have continued that tradition.


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              There's also the possibility of a nice cedar veneer. Although that may drive the cosdt up a little. But you are talking one of a kind right?
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