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  • Save me alot of searching...

    I want to replace the fence on my 5 year old TS2412 table saw. Willing to spend $200-$300.

    Which one do I buy?


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    No offense intended Bob but you are the one that really needs to do your homework on this one. Only you really know what your wants and needs are when it comes to a new fence and rail system.

    To get some ideas of what is out there, I'd look at the Biesemeyer website, the Incra selection and also check out what Grizzly has to offer. There are many others out there but this will get you started.
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      No offense taken. I have looked at most if not all of the websites but only became more confused. According to each, they have the best money can buy. Since my saw is a TS 2412, I was wondering if conversion to the new TS3612? would be practicale.

      The Vega appears to be my choice at this moment, but get back with me after I read the next ad. [img]smile.gif[/img]


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        Wood Magazine reviewed the most popular fences earlier this summer. I think the June or July issue. Anyway, the Beis of course scored top dog and the Vega fence was second. However, you have to keep in mind that they took in to account the price of these fences so their final assessment wasn't based on performance alone.

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          As stated, the Vega is a best buy and very good fence. I've got a homeshop Biese and love it, but the Vega is very nice too and has a really good micro adjust. $230 @ Amazon (free s/h)

          Alot people like the Mulecab. Wood wasn't too keen on it, and neither am I relative to others, but it's a decent fence and has some good accessories.

          The Shop Fox Alumarip Classic is a decent Biese copy for $200 + s/h. Vega