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    Any ideas on this. I have to do a 2" undercut on a stud of about 1/8th inch. Problem is that the piece I have to undercut is beneath an overhang of 4 inches. I see that Fein makes a saw with a blade of about 4" that would probably do it provided the saw is no more than 4" high. But I don't really want to spend a couple hundred bucks to do it. I got a 7" angle grinder that would do it but I don't see no 7" type 27 circular saw blades. I guess I could always remove the arbor from a 7" abrasive disk and weld it to a 7" circular saw blade and do it. But I'm thinking that someone out there might have an easier solution. I've got to do about a dozen of these cuts and I see these little Japanese manual saws that I could probably use, but that's like expending too much horsepower. I'm looking for something simple.

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    If I'm understanding correctly, I've heard of a biscuit jointer being used to cut that out. Would give you a little bit of height adjustment & accuracy with out all the energy expense.


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      hope you decide against the saw blade on the grinder option because i think you will be looking at a hospital stay. the grinder speed is likely well over the recommended blade speed as well. If you dont have nails to cut, a japanese style saw will cut a 2x4 in less than 30 seconds with little effort. however if you can get a hand saw in there you should be able to get a recip saw in as well


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        "hope you decide against the saw blade"

        You're right on this. The one I have had an aluminum arbor anyway. Even if it didn't I started thinking about the weld breaking and that saw blade flying out. My luck it would probably come straight back. I got a couple saws and got in there and bowed them and did a cut. I'm just going to slide some sheet metal in as a shim in the cut after each cut until I get it up to the right height.