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    I need to put floor moldings up and was wondering if just a hammer would suffice or should I purchase a nail gun? These have been routed and if I do use just a hammer I am going to have to set each nail.

    Also, should these be finger jointed prior to putting in place? The floor is level and they should butt fine.

    These are 3/4" Pine. What nail type do I want to use?

    Any advice greatly appreciated.


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    First, welcome to the group.

    As to your question, I think we'll need a little more info on what you're talking about "finger joints"? Finger joints is the term for how some pine moldings are joined into lengths at the factory. Anyway, are you talking about mitered joints?

    As to nailing----it all depends on you and your needs. If you only have this baseboard job in mind, either use hammer and nails or check on renting a gun/compressor for the weekend.

    People have been hand nailing things for years and most still do. Granted, you will have to set the nails and maybe even pre-drill on the ends of boards and thinner stock. But, it works fine.

    You want to nail into the shoe plate of your wall, so with 5/8" sheetrock and 5/8" baseboard, you should get at least 1 3/4" nails---2" even better.


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      Welcome, no doubt that nail guns are a time saver but to buy a compressor and gun just for a few base boards? well if you have the coin why not, it will be way more fun and there are other uses once you have it. If the coin is tight, use nails, 2.5" ardox finishing nails are just fine. When using nails hammer the point once so that the nail will crush the wood fibres instead of splitting them (lessons the chance of splitting the boards). Instead of finger or butt joints cut the two boards at 22.5* (a stop on chop saw), this joint is far less noticable than a butt joint.
      If you have the time and patients I would cope the inside corners and glue the outside corners together before nailing to the wall (makes for very clean joints). If you are painting instead of staining never mind the cope and glue just get them close, fill gaps with paintable latex and paint
      Dave - 1000+, congrats