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TS3612 fence prob. Need help

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  • TS3612 fence prob. Need help

    I set the fence against the blade, (not tight, only barely touching) and adjust the fence to read "0" on the scale. When I move the fence out, say to 16", I take a straight edge or tape measure (to double check)and get less than 16" I'm off by as much as 1/4" depending on how far out I slide the fence. I don't know if maybe the tape on the saw is not correct or what, but I it really sucks to have a nice fence that you have to keep checking with other rulers.

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    Mike---not familar with the new 3612 fence, but have a couple of thoughts, based on my own fence.

    First, when you have the fence just touching the blade, do you lock it down before adjusting the bezel? There can be some slop in an unlocked fence.

    Second, when you are re-tightening the bezel set screws, are you holding tightly to the glass? On my fence, tightening the screws can move the glass slightly.

    In any event, I've always set the scale up for my favorite combination blade---for other blades I just measure each time, but for ANY critical cuts, it's just a good idea to check the measurements with a rigid (no pun intended) wooden folding tape or a combo square----a regular tape measure can twist and bow.


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      Yes, I do lock it down when setting to 0 and then at the stop position. I also hold the bubble down when tightening the screw. I even slide the fence back and forth to the 0 mark and it comes up 0 every time. The problem comes when I slide the fence out farther. -I started by checking with a tape, but the ends always move, so I now use a steel rule. (same problem.)

      The only thing that I can think of is that with the saw being in the garage, the aluminum rails contracted with teh cold air enough to cause the measurement error. (1/4" in 2 or 3 feet)

      Anybody else with any ideas?


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        My 3612 is in the garage, but I have not had any problems with temperature - that seems like way too much change to explain with temperature.

        I don't trust the calibration of the rip fence by pushing against the blade, even gently. I make a cut and then adjust the indicator line on the saw to match the actual results. Occasionally I check the calibration by precisely measuring the results of a cut, and checking the indicator on the saw, but I don't remember ever having to adjust it.

        You might also want to check your measuring tape. I once compared several in my shop, and found one that was significantly different than the others (it was voted out of the shop). Remember that you can hold your tape along the indicator on the saw - it is a direct measure.

        The indicator has marks to 1/32 inch. Last night I was working on a precise cut, and was able to reproduce cuts adjusted to 1/4 of a mark, or 1/128 inch. As a convert from a RAS, I don't know what I should expect, but I continue to be impressed with the precision I can get from the 3612.


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          Bet five bucks the measuring tape on your fence is discombobulated. Happens from time to time to about every manufacturer, they are easily stretched when applied.

          Additional five bucks sez getting either the entire rail replaced, or a replacement tape, your choice, is no harder than calling Ridgid's support line. [img]smile.gif[/img]



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            Have you tried measuring the tape on the fence to see if it is actually off?

            Also, when measuring fence to blade it's important to measure exactly perpendicular to the blade. Mark the fence at the center of the blade then measure using the mark.


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              It sounds like one of two things. It could be the tape on the fence rail (which you can measure directly as was mentioned already). Otherwise the rail is probably not straight. You should check it with a straight edge.


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                I would check the tape on your saw against several tape measures, that would give you an indication if you measuring tape is correct.

                That label is a metal backed label to avoid stretching when the label applied, so I doubt it has stretched by 1/4"