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TS3612 Hercu-Lift: Having Problems getting it to work

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  • TS3612 Hercu-Lift: Having Problems getting it to work

    I purchased the Ridgid TS3612 table saw over the weekend. I have been spending a few hours each night putting the saw together and making sure all the alignments are correct. I started on the hercu-lift part of the book tonight and 2 hours later I had it assembled. At least I thought I did but I can't seem to get the thing to work properly. Can someone post up a picture, or email me one, and possibly tell me what I am doing wrong? I push down on the plate but I don't think the sawe comes off the ground 1/8" and I have to continually hold it down to get the thing to move and it is a pain in the butt. I am sure I am doing something wrong. Please help. I can take detailed pictures and post up if I need too. I just need some help and thanks to Ridgid for this great forum. If I knew they had this forum, I would not have hesitated in my purchase! [img]smile.gif[/img]


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    I have the TS2424 (with HercuLift) not the TS3612, but I assume they are basically the same. I have also installed the HercuLift plus on my Radial Arm Saw (RS1000). Both work great so something must have gone wrong during the installation.

    Let me first saw that the HercuLift does not lift the saw very high off the floor, but it is certainly enough to move the saw around (unless the floor is extremely uneven).

    My first suggestion is to tighten the leveling feet on the bottom of each leg so that they are all the way in.

    My second suggestion is to make sure that the vertical bolts that hold the HercuLift to the saw leg brackets are loose. Put the nuts on so they are flush with the end of the bolt. See step 4 on page 28 of the TS3612 manual.

    Finally, the "U" shaped bracket on the HercuLift must be aligned with the Latch Mechanism so that it will latch and you will not need to hold it down. See figure on page 28 of manual.


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      I agree with MarkR, I put my 3612 together a couple of weeks ago and everything he says about putting together the Herc-u-lift worked for me.


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        Ah! My first problem. I must have assumed to tighten everything down. I remember them saying to leave the nuts flush with the end of the bolt but I must have went back and forth over the steps I got mixed up.

        The saw is actually at my house that I am building. A man has to have his workshop ready before he moves in. [img]smile.gif[/img] I will give that a shot and if it doesn't work, I will have detailed photo's up tomorrow to show you guys.

        I guess that could explain why both legs are laying flat on the ground all the time. When I push, there is no movement what-so-ever. DOH!

        Thanks and I will report back asap tomorrow.



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          I went over to the house first thing this morning and loosened up the 4 nuts so they were flush with the ends of the bolts.

          I then lowered my rubber feet. I still have some minor adjusting to do there.

          However, the Hercu-Lift system works GREAT! Thanks guys!

          Next step I believe is installing the fence system. So, I may be back yet again.

          Thanks for your help and thanks to Rigid for this forum.



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            Re: TS3612 Hercu-Lift: Having Problems getting it to work

            Thank you guys... I've had my TS3650 for about 6 years now and it's always been an annoyance moving it around. Turns out I had connected too tight to the saw table legs. I loosened them way up and pulled the leveling feet all the way in and bang, it rolls perfectly. Wish I would have decided to solved this a few years ago.