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  • what glue do you use?

    I have used Elmers stainable wood glue for a few years and it seems to work fine. Is there a better glue out there? Stonger, I should say. Waiting 24 hrs. for the glue to dry is usually not a problem for me.

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    I use TiteBond II for 99% of my glue ups and have been very happy with the results. I really like the fact that it can be used for most all interior and exterior projects. Most of my exterior applications haven't required the full waterprood feature offered with TiteBond III so I've stuck with the lesser expensive TiteBond II.

    Even though I end up paying a little more, I usually tend to purchase my glue in quantities of less than a gallon. My favorite size to work with is the 16oz bottle. By buying the smaller bottles, I never run the risk of the glue becoming outdated. TiteBond puts a mfg. date code on all their bottles and its a good idea to check that before purchasing. I've seen glue on store shelves that was over a year old.

    I have never tried the Elmers stainable and wondered how well it works. I've seen reports that it really isn't as stainable as they claim. What has been your experience with it as far as staining is concerned? Does it really take stain as well as bare wood?
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      Actually the Elmers stainable doesn't stain like the wood it's applied to- it is lighter than the wood after staining.I try to get it all off when its still wet but always seem to miss a little and it shows especially if it's out in the open.Is titebond stainable? I have the same problem with wood filler-lighter than the stain.

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        Is TiteBond stainable? - They don't claim to be and if you happen to miss some when cleaning up a glue-up, you'll get the same results as you said you now get with the Elmers stainalbe.
        Teach your kids about 30 percent of their ice cream.


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          A light wipe of the glued surface with denatured alcohol or Naptha with show any missed glue before you start to stain the project. Water works too but can adversly effect the wood surface by making it a bit furry


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            There are different glues that excel in different applications, but the Elmers yellow wood glue is pretty similar to other wood glues. I usually get Titebond II when I'm buying it but still use Elmers if received as a gift.