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  • GRR_Ripper

    Hi Again,
    I'm slowly comming along with my TS2424 that I practically stole from HD($25).I was hopping around the web as always, looking for new items and ideas that help me along the way be safer and a better WW. I did come across a tool called the GRR-Ripper(stop laughing).I was looking it over and thought it seemed like a good idea for someone new around power tools like myself.Has anyone had first hand experiance with this tool or knows anyone who has?
    I think keeping my fingers where they are is a good idea(lol).I also found this tool on the Forrest Web Site.
    Thanks Again for all your tips and support.


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    Dave, if you can, copy and paste the web address. I'll take a look at it. The name don't ring a bell, but if helps keep your fingers, I'm all for it!
    John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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      Save your money----I've looked at it and decided against it---mainly because I don't like having my hand positioned above the blade---also you can't use your guard with this---not a real swift idea.

      Instead let me suggest you build some featherboards and push sticks/blocks---much more useful and you don't have to remove the guard!