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miter crown moulding for fireplace mantel

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  • miter crown moulding for fireplace mantel

    i recently bought the 12"compound lazer saw( it's awesome) i am building a fireplace mantel, i have never cut crown moulding and i am using crown moulding for the underside of the mantel, i understand that there are 2 ways to cut it on the miter saw --flat or making a jig---the mantel should be square---is either one a better way to go--- cuting it flat looks easier i would appreciate any input i am not a profesional, i used to use a manual miter box and saw and am enjoying this new lazer miter
    thanks for your input

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    I cut some for my brother-in-law the other day for his mantel and we did it laying flat, worked just fine. This finished product looks great.


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      I have cut them both ways. The DeWalt site has a good article on it and so does Makita. If you use crown stops against the fense then it is cut upsidedown as it would be mounted and you do not have to coupound cut it as you would if it were cut flat on the saw. I find if the angle is 90 deg. I like the against the fense method, if it is not them you need to change the miter and coupound angles and I find it fits better if I cut it on the saw base flat. The DeWalt site has a printable article on this subject.