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Crown Molding with a table saw?

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  • Crown Molding with a table saw?

    I'm building an entertainment unit and working with the "TS2424" Table Saw. I do not have a CMS so I would like to use my TS to make two outside corner cuts for a finishing Crown Molding top.
    This will not be touching the ceiling and I'm using 45/45 degree molding. Can it be done?

    I have never done CM before, do I cut it on the flat side, or at the 45 angle. I would find it easier to cut on the flat.

    Thanks for your help

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    Aye Carumba!

    I am in the middle of installing crown molding throughout our entire house. About halfway through now, here's my two cents. The best way to cut the stuff is with a CMS. Barring that, you can do it on your table saw but, I would not recommend trying to cut it flat. The angles are very screwy and tough to judge on a miter gage and the tilt mech on your saw. The easiest way would probably be to build yourself a sled that supports the moulding at the angle it will be installed, upside down on the sled (the bottom edge would be the ceiling or top of the moulding, the vertical sled support would be the wall or your cabinet. Then all your angles are normal; a 90 degree coner is two 45 degree cuts, etc.

    Also, before you start, check the molding spring angle (the angle it leans away from the mounting surface. Most readymade moulding is 38 degrees, not 45 degrees.

    If you are insistent on cutting it flat, here's the link to a crown calculator that will give you the miter and bevel setting for you saw.

    Good luck!


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      Well said.
      keep makn\' sawdust!...just don\'t breath any.


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        Thanks Swsavy

        The light did come at last, I do have a 10" miter saw, but i thought the cuts needed to be at a 45 and 22-1/2 to get the right joint. My saw will only cut one angle up to the 45. I later found out about cutting the molding upside down.