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Preping old used lumber

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  • Preping old used lumber

    Hey guys I came across some old used lumber that was giving to me from a construction site, from an old country style house. Maple, Red/white Oak, Cherry and Birch and couple more that I'm not too sure what they are.

    Before I use any of my tools on them I was wondering whats the first thing I shoul be concerned about. As far as some kind of detector.


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    I would want to check for any embeded nails/screws/other metal that could destroy blades or bits.

    I have a bunch of old 1 x 12" rough cut pine that was used for shelving in an old auto parts store that was demolished about 15 years ago. I went by there one day and they were ripping out the old shelving and throwing it in a 40 yard dumpster. the pieces were 10, 12 & 16 foot long, all 1 x 12" pine. This stuff dates from the early 1920s I was told by a guy who worked there back when they installed the shelving which was used in the stockroom. I asked and they said I could have as much as I wanted, I took two pickup truck loads and built some shelving with it in my basement, and used some of the other stuff for various projects. I gave away a bunch too. when I moved to my next house I used some more for shelving there, and now my present house I have used up the last of it except for a few pieces for shelving in the garage. For the stuff I have used for projects I have scanned it with a Lumber Wizard to look for nails and stuff of which there has been plenty. But to have bought this much wood would have easily cost me $400 or more. I know I had more than a hundred 1 x 12 x 12' (or longer) boards. I wish I had taken it all now.

    Anyway, $40 or 80 bucks for a lumber wizard will pay for itself once it saves you from ruining a couple baldes.

    Happy New Year everyone!


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      Thanks for the reply Bob

      Where do I find this lumber wizard is it like a detector or something.


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        Most of the woodworking online stores have them. Amazon probably has them, Woodcraft (brick and motar stores) have them too.

        Link to Amazon tool section

        Lumber Wizard at New Yankee web site

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