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  • cutting open boxes

    after I have glued the top & bottom of my box to the sides I then cut the box open but sometimes the cut is not even all the way around and it requiers extra sanding yet at other times it seems to be just fine Any idea what I'm doing wrong
    thank you Chuck

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    Make certain that your blade is absolutely square to the deck of your saw, and your fence is absolutely parallel to your blade. I adjust my blade height to barely clear the thickness of the sides, so if your box is made with 1/4" sides, set your blade at 5/16".
    Here's a trick to make a lipped edge to your box:
    Before assembly, cut a dado on the inside surface with a depth of slightly more than 1/2 the thickness of your sides (example: 1/4" thick sides, cut your dado 5/32").
    After assembly, the dado is hidden inside your box. Now adjust your fence to cut a dado all the way around the outside of your box, but lower on the outside of the box than on the inside. However, the two dadoes must slightly intersect so that when the last cut is complete, the lipped lid of the box will fall free.
    In our example, if we wanted a 3/16" lip cut 3/4" from the top, the dado on the outside of the box would be 3/4" from the top, the dado on the inside would be cut 9/16" from the top. The dadoes would need to be greater than the 3/16" width to intersect, or about 1/4" minimum.
    Lippled edge boxes always line up and require no hinge if you don't want them. Give it a try!
    If it don\'t fit, force it. If it breaks, \'needed fixin\' anyhow. 8{~