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60T or 80T Blade?

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  • 60T or 80T Blade?

    I am going to be cutting knotty pine tongue and groove with my compound sliding miter saw soon and was wondering which blade you all prefer for this kind of work? Not necessarily looking for a brand, just how many teeth you prefer.
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    Just for a reference---look up how many teeth are on the stock blade on the DeWalt 705 (it's Sunday night and I'm too tired for another trip downstairs to look ). Anyway, I did a load of fingerjointed pine trim last year and this blade gave very very sooth cuts---only a few fibers as sign of any tearout.


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      Use the 80 tooth. Make your first few cuts slowly and check for tearout. Then adjust your cutting speed accordingly.

      I have just finished cutting a few hundred feet 1 X 6 cypress that was full of knotts. The cypress may be a little softer, but the knotts were like rocks.

      I only have a compounding miter saw, but the 80 tooth blade left a perfectly finished edge everytime - NO SANDING!

      Of course, purchase the highest quality blade you can afford. It makes all the difference.


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        I use the 96 tooth Frued Blade in my 12" Dewalt Slider all day, and have had the best results with it no Blow-outs and a nice smooth cut, they blade usually lasts me about 20-25 homes of trim before they need sharpening, and they have never lost a tooth, I'm not sure the Model# but they usually run about $59.00 at H/D