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  • DANG!

    I was using my Porter Cable 690 router mounted in a router table, using a 1/4 straight cut bit, routing grooves for a panel to fit in. The bit snaped and fell INTO the router! I unpluged it and ran. When it finaly stopped i took the router motor out and dumped out the broken bit and a handfull of plastic and copper wire.
    My question is; Has this happend to anyone else?
    Why would Porter Cable make the air vents that large? I went monday and bought a Bosch 1617 router. The first thing i checked was the vent size and it has small screen size vents.

    690 owners beware!

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    I understand what you're saying but Porter-Cable didn't make the bit that broke or did they? Why are you ranting on Porter-Cable and not the company that made the router bit? Put the blame where it really belongs.

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      Bits break, especially one that thin. I realize that, but when a $15 dollar bit ruins a $150 tool i get upset. The PC 690 has air vent holes big enough to drop a penny in, and mounted in a table it has no where to go but in the router.


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        Totally agree with Badger-----the cause of your problem was the bit. And if you think bits breaking is a normal course of things, you've been buying the wrong bits or, you were forcing the work too much.


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          So you are saying that when PC designed this router they said bits NEVER brake so we will leave the moter totally exposed and not worry about it.

          This is the first time i have broken a bit. I have an old 1/4" straight cut bit that i have used for years. When i started this project i bought a new one just because. This new bit broke on the second pass. Could have been me, but probably flawed bit. But flawed router design made bad day expensive!

          If i were shopping for a new router i would not buy a 690 or any other that has the same flaw. If i said here is a router, but if you ever brake a bit it's trash would you not care?


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            SORRY RAZORBACK, But I have to agree with YOU on this one. The point is not that the bit broke or why the bit broke. The point is that Porter Cable left an opening in the casing of the 690 that they should not have. Even if a bit had not broken. a small piece of wood could damage the motor too. I would contact Porter Cable and complain to them about the situation. Squeeky wheel gets the grease, maybe you can get a new router. Go get em,RB
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              I spent 12 years as the Canadian Western Regional Service Manager for Rockwell and I can tell you that the first response from them will be that the router was not designed to be run upside down. I recently built a table for the 1 3/4 HP. Rockwell Router and part of my design was to install a Lexan shield to deflect chips away from the cooling fan intake. Good Luck.


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                After Reading my reply I should add that Rockwell and Porter Cable at that time were the same company.