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Table saw Set up TS3612

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  • Table saw Set up TS3612

    I recently purchased the TS3612. It is a great table saw but I seem to have a lot of problems with the blade burning wood when it cuts. Any ideas oh how to fix this problem?

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    More information, please. Is it burning on crosscut or rip? Which blade? What kind of wood, and what thickness? If it is burning on rip, is the burn on fence side, offcut side, or both?

    General commentary on burning. Cutting generates a lot of heat. The little chips of wood are what carry most of the heat away, if there aren't enough chips, the heat builds up. Because of this, feeding too slow is a primary cause of burning.

    Different compounds in wood burn at different temperatures. Sugars burn at comparatively low temperatures. Because of this, high sugar content woods burn easily. This includes the common hardwoods Hard Maple and Cherry, both have such high sugar that they actually taste sweet.



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      In addition to Daves comments, I would go back and check the blade heal (the parrallelism of the blade to the miter slot). A blade that has signifigant heal will also burn wood very easily.



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        Adding on more...

        If blade heel is causing burn, it will be on one side only. The side that gets burned is where the back of the blade is "pointing", IOW a closed blade causing fence side burn, an open one causing offcut side burn.

        An open heeled blade also gives the symptom that the stock wants to move away from the fence.

        Very, very small amounts of misalignment will give these problems.