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  • another glue up question

    Is there a rule of thumb for glue setup time? I am assembling some small frames with mitered corners. Just applying glue to the miters and clamping with a band clamp. I have more frames than band clamps so I want to clamp some, let the glue set and then move on to the next ones to be glued up.
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    Yes, there is, but it varies by the glue you're using.

    There are two times, one for time in clamp, the other for cure. Until the cure time, you need to take care not to stress or flex the glue joint, which will seriously impair its strength. I find this to be a real bugger on mitered frames, due to their general floppiness and the joint's inherent weakness.

    In case you're using the most common woodworker's glue, Titebond recommends clamping their Original (yellow) glue 30 minutes to an hour, and cure time is 24 hours. I would err on the cautious side, I wouldn't clamp any less than a hour, especially since you're probably humid as can be, which slows the setting down. Having to clean the joints and reglue definitely takes longer than waiting a bit more.