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Sears Craftsman Excalibur Elite Dado blade review

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  • Sears Craftsman Excalibur Elite Dado blade review

    Does anyone can write their review on the Sears Excalibur Elite Dado blade kit. I just bought one and it is not too late to return it. Please let me know what you think about it before I decide to use it .

    Thank you!

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    I went to the web to see if it was like the Craftsman Dado blade I have been using for years. It was not, so I cannot comment, but if anyone else wants to check, try this link : =00932608000

    or if you don't like that mess, go to and search for dado [img]tongue.gif[/img]


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      Like Charlie, I have the little staked dado set Sears sells for about $40-50---IMHO, works better than a Freud set I bought, costing 3 times as much.

      Maybe you're the first to buy the Excaliber All I can say, compared to other brands on the market, for the price, this thing ought to sweep up your shop, as well as cut dados.


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        This reply is a bit late, but it may be helpful.

        Over the years, Sears has sold two different adjustable ("wobble") dado sets under the name "Excalibur." The original one, which I have, uses two blades, both of which wobble. Like all wobble dado blades, the bottom of the dado is not perfectly flat, but using two blades instead of one means that the distortion of the bottom is less noticeable. And if you use the "nibbling" technique, such as for cutting tenons, the distortion is eliminated.

        The newer product sold under the "Excalibur" name is basically the same except that it uses three blades instead of two. Allegedly, this further reduces the bottom distortion. I've never used the three blade version, so I can't vouch for, or quantify, its superiority over the two bladed "Excalibur."

        In my experience, the drawback of any adjustable dado set is not the bottom distortion, but the fact that it takes a lot of trial and error to set the blade for a discrete dado width. The scale on the adjustment hub is approximate, at best; and even if you use a guage to set the hub, the width of the cut will change as you tighten down the arbor nut. It takes more time to assemble a stacked dado set, but if you're mission is to cut exactly a 3/4" dado, the stacked set is less work in the long run.

        That said, I use my "Excalibur" a lot. And it excels over stacked sets for odd-sized dados (such as when you are dadoing to receive plywood sides or shelves).


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          i also baought the high dollar Excalibur Dado set at Sears. Adjusting the width can be a finger pinchin' knuckle bustin' ordeal. i use my $40 stack dado (harbor freight) twice as much as the sear dial-a-dado and it does just as good.
          Godspeed and wear those safety glasses...