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  • Jointer/Planer

    Just aquired a Craftsman jointer over the week end. Pawn shop had it and let it go for $125.00, so I thought couldn't go wrong. Needs a guard (spooky) and had a chip out of the infeed table. Friend of mine (machinist) filled and cleaned the area up - now it is just a little brighter in that spot. This machine is old enough that it has no DC capability, it just dumps all the waste straight down. Doesn't seem I can get parts from Sears so can I use Ridgid parts? I really woud like to put a guard on it !!!! Anyone tell me about it? Rick

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    Does it have a mount for a modern-style guard?

    An American jointer guard (qualification 'cause Euro stuff is entirely different) is a very simple item. There's the big pie slice-shaped cutter cover that you can see, it is mounted to a post that extends through the mount, outboard and infeed of the cutterhead. There is an adjustable tension spring to get it to return.

    If the machine already has the mount, you really could make your own, or adapt another with the same size post. If it doesn't have a mount, things could be a little trickier. It will depend on what is around to mount to.

    Good for you for being concerned. A jointer seems like a safe tool, lulls some people into a false sense of security. Them you can tell by the perfectly straight ending of their fingers.



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      After looking at the Ridgid JP0600 I think it is the same - appears to be the same fence and assoc. parts. It should be old enough to be made by Ridgid/Emerson. I was banking on this 'cause I have problems with Sears - Out of production/parts no longer available. I just may paint it in Ridgid colors!! Rick


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        it has been my experience that at times even if you can not find the parts for old craftsman stuff on their website sometimes by calling them they can find parts for you . when they cant i have asked who the manufacturer of the item was and have found parts that way. good luck


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          You are right! After calling Ridgid and getting told I couldn't have my order processed unless I had a serial/model number, I broke down and called Sears (gag/choke). I got hold of a feller that really knew his stuff and my parts are on the way - a little more expensive than Ridgid, but I can live with that. The only reason I bought this jointer is because I thought it was old enough to be made by Ridgid/Emerson. Inside I feel Imust say I'm pro-Ridgid even though with all this go-round I did buy a new Jet Cab. saw which I really love (stroke,pat,hug,and kiss!!!) Thanks for the help and comebacks. Like I said - I may use Ridgid colors and repaint this Craftsman. Rick


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            I can't believe it !! I ordered my parts on Monday from Sears (got a fellow that knew his parts) and I got them today !! He told me they would be shipped on 28 Jul 03. This might make me feel better about Sears. Am I gettin' a touch of the bug ??? r


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              Sears parts has been pretty good to me---if, however, a bit expensive at times. Glad you got the guard----not a tool that results in "minor" injuries, and now sewing appendages back on with that baby! BTW----most Sears/Emerson tool numbers I've seen start out with 113---for future reference.