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  • 13 inch planer

    I just purchased the 13 inch thickness planer. When setting it up I found both the infeed and outfeed tables are about 1/32 below the planer table at the pivot point. I can adjust the outer height but not the pivot point. Can anyone help?

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    My Dewalt 733 is the same way. Guess what? It's supposed to be like that!! [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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      This guy I know just purchased a DeWalt DW735 last Thursday. I just checked it and both the infeed and outfeed tables are slightly lower than the table. The difference is probably somewhere between the 1/32" and 1/64". There is no way to adjust the height of these tables so I assume thats the way its supposed to be.
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        I have the DW735 and both tables are adjustable. Look on the sides of the tables, you will see two allen head screws on each support arm. These can be loosened and the table height adjusted in each corner to achieve whatever alignment you want, hi/low/dead-on.

        Here's a web page I found some time back (might have got it from someone here0 with info on setting up the DeWalt planer.


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          On the Ridgid the adjustments are for the outer edge of the tables. Raise the cutter head and lay a straight edge through the planer extending past both tables. Make the adjustments to get the outer edges of the tables even with the cutter bed. this will keep the boards being planed steady and prevent snipe. The edge adjoining the cutter bed does not matter.
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            As soon as I read your response I realized that you were correct. I guess I should have thought it out longer.