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Planing vs Sanding un-installed hardwood flooring

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  • Planing vs Sanding un-installed hardwood flooring

    I'm purchasing 2100 SF of hardwood maple flooring. It's an inch thick and used to be in a gym. It's been stained a dark color. I would like to be able to restore it to its natural look. Would anyone recommend sending it through a Rigid planer before installing the flooring or just wait until the wood is installed and realize I'll have to sand it once its laid down?

    I would appreciate any input from all of you pros out there.


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    I'd be willing to bet that you will have to sand the floor either way. You can use the planer to strip the top surface, but the years of finish, wax and dirt particles ground into the surface are going to be extremely hard on the knives. If you want to use a planer, I'd take a shallow pass to remove the finish over all the boards and then change the knives and make another pass to clean the boards up with a new set of knives.



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      2100 ft with a finish on it through a planer? i bet you are going to run hd out of extra knives on that one. i've tried it w/ paint it DONT WORK one option may and i repeat may be ( i've never tried it) a wide belt sander at a lumber yard or cabinet shop or what about sanding it before its removed it may be worth a thought. good luck bill