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  • Drill Press Problem


    I am trying to find a mortising attachment for my drill press. It is a off brand drill press and has a quill of 45mm. Has anybody had this problem? I have found different attachments with bushings close to my size but not my size. I wonder if I could get a machine shop to make me something that will make it work? Can anybody point me to one?


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    You might try getting some shim stock and using the Delta Model 17-924 with the included 48mm adapter. Some shim stock 1.5mm thick cut to size anad placed around your quill under the delta adapter would probably work. This is what I did on my older Craftsman 15" DP with this same model mortising attachment. The Model 17-924 says it will fit Craftsman Model 21313 and 21317 Drill Presses, I have a model 21315 and couldn't use any of the adapters that came with the mortiser, my quill OD is 64mm, so I made a shim which has worked great for the past couple years. Make sure the ends of the shim do not overlap, I left a small gap of about 1/16" and cut it to the width of the clamp.

    Here's the link to the Delta web page;

    General makes a similar model.

    I looked on the Craftsman site and did not find a DP mortising attachment, they may not offer it any longer, which is why I went with the Delta.


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      Thanks Bob. Is there anyway to get you to take some pictures of your set up so I can have a better idea? It would help me alot.



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        It's pretty easy. Just a piece of shim stock (thin sheet metal) cut to wrap around the quill OD where the mortising attachment clamps on. Cut the shim to the width of the mating surface of the quill and mortising tool, and the length is the circumference less 1/16". Slide the shim in between the two and tighten the clamp. You are done. This will all be clear once you get the attachment or if you study the photo in the link I provided in my previous post.


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          Thanks for the info. I may just buy a mortising maching from Harbor Freight when they go on sale. It might be easier in the long run for me.