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  • Router bit safety

    Hope someone can shed some light on this issue.

    I've been using a 5/8" deep bushing to route some letters for a sign. Since the bushing adds more depth to the distance the bit has to plunge, in this case a 5/8" deep bushing, how far can you extend the bit in the collett to allow the bit to reach to workpiece beyond the bottom of the bushing.

    Is this a no no?? I heard you should always seat bits about 1/8" from bottoming out in the collett but when using a bushing, dont you need to extend it out more??? Or maybe the 5/8" bushing is too deep for this type of work. What would you use a bushing this size for then?? I didnt extend it out too far, I think that is undsafe but how do you get around this issue? Could it also be my router? I have a Hitachi M12V. The collet hits the bushing nut at the bottom of the plunge.

    ps - I'm using the porter cable style bushings.

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    If I understeand the question, you are considering making up for extra depth required (to account for the bushing depth -- or more accurately, to account for the thickness of the template you are using) by short-seating the router bit (presumably a straight bit).

    Don't do it. Buy a longer (i.e., deeper cut) bit.


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      Do they make router bits with longer shanks? I was using a 1/2" round nose bit. I havent seen any longer?


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        Here are some links to a few bit manufacturers...

        Jesada bits

        Oldham/Viper Bits

        Bosch Bits


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          I think the M12V is like my Freud FT2000e, where the collet is so deep that the entire bit is swallowed?

          Minimum, I mean dead flat absolute minimum, safe seating on a collet in good condition is 1 1/2 times the shank diameter. Being that I refuse to risk my life on the edge, the least amount I will seat a 1/2" shank bit is one inch. Least I will seat a 1/4" shank is 3/4".

          Another thought. Five-eighths template guides are usually unnecessarily deep, to accomodate certain hinge-boring jigs. If your template guide is up in the nearly an incch deep range, hacksaw (grind, whatever method strikes you) it down to a reasonable depth. The required depth for most template work is very small, just enough to engage the template.

          Work safe.



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            Thanks Dave. I'm actually trashing that entire template set except the letters and I'm going to cut my own out of masonite. Then I wont have to use the crazy jig these came with and then I can use a regular bushing.

            Thanks for the advice.


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              Check out the Jesada bushings/guides, also. I think the barrel length on these guides is only about 1/4". This would allow you to seat your bit deeper. The bushings are also compatible with PC.