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    Repairing my porch. Want to embellish the square columns with moulding from the railings down. Among other things I want to add circular moldings with a 1"-1.5" radius around the square column.

    I could use some suggestions with the circular moldings. Thanks [img]smile.gif[/img]

    Construction details - four 4"x4" CCA posts covered with 1x (8" square at the base tapered to 5" square at the top). I want to maintain the one piece integrity of the CCA; everything else may be compromised.

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    Hi Van, I am a tad confused as to what it is your trying to do.

    I think what you mean is to wrap a half round horizontally?? you can purchase half round from your local lumber yard. Hope that helped ya
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      Thanks for responding Ralph. Yup 1/2 round horizonally. But I have to build it around an exiting square column. I saw it on the cover of the Sept. issue This Old House.

      I agree my first request was a little confusing. I'll try again.

      The existing tapered columns are in place without any moldings. I want to add fanciful moldings from the railing down. Beef it up a little, one of the features will be a half round with a 1”–1.5” radius. So it will appear to be a circular molding around a square column.

      They are cosmetic only. They will not be under or on top of the supporting 4”x4” PT infrastructure. They are not load bearing.

      I’m thinking I have to build it out of 2”x4” stock around the square column (dowelled dry fit) and then routed. After routing, refit and glue.

      Thanks again. [img]smile.gif[/img]

      Someone suggested in another forum that I should buy the rounds from a local yard and cut out the box shape from the the middle, allowing for the kerf of the blade. I thought that was doable and easier than what I suggested above.

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