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    hey everybody, hopong someone could guide me in the right direction on this one. i've developed an interest in woodworking as a hobby, but i would appreciate some help in telling what tools would be good to get. i've already got a cordless drill and a pretty big hand tool collection. also, any books or guides you might know of to help out a rookie would be greatly apreciated

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    I'd do two things----check your library for some basic woodworking books and check with your local adult ed or evening college, etc. on woodworking classes. Your best start is to learn basic tool use and pick out a basic, simple project to tackle. Then, buy the tools you'll need to complete that project. As a suggestion, something for your workshop is an excellent first or second project-----simple workbench or saw horses come to mind.
    That should get you started.


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      At what skill level are you? What have you built? IF you tell us a little more about what you can do than we can provide better information.


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        You will most likely need a table saw. Don't try to save money by getting a table top portable saw, go for a contractor level (ie. 3612, or 3650). When I first started, I bought a portable makita table saw. That lasted about 1 month, then I had to sell it on eBay because it wasn't adequate for what I needed. I ended up buying a 3612.

        The second tool that I had bought is a Dewalt plunge router.

        You will also need a good sander, unless you are planning to hand sand your woodworking projects.

        - J


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          Just to add on........

          Read read read! Get some trade mags, such as Shopnotes, American woodworker ETC. Jump on the forums and read them. Loads of tips on how to out there.

          Get as many clamps as you can, then double that number! You always run out!

          Read up and learn how to sharpen chisels and plane irons. Nothing will ruin a project fasted than dull tools.

          Basic shop set up would be:

          Hand tools:
          Rip saw, Cross cut saw, back saw, Dovetail saw, Set of chisels, bench plane, jack plane, marking gouge,brace, straight edge(s).

          Power tools

          Table saw, router w/table, jointer, thickness planer, bandsaw, drillpress, Dust collection.

          Add drill bits, router bits and other tools as needed.......
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