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TS2424 or TS2412 Fence T-slot uses

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  • TS2424 or TS2412 Fence T-slot uses

    Besides putting on a wood facing for use with a dado head or molding cutter, what uses have users out there found for the T-slots on the table saw fence? It seems like it could come in handy. Does anyone keep a wood facing on the fence fulltime?

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    I don't
    Andy B.


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      Would anyone recommend attaching a 6 1/2 inch board to the fence using the t-slots to use as a clamping spot for a featherboard? I know the TS2424 manual shows clamping the board to the fence and then clamping a featherboard to the board.


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        Ivan, Since day 2 of owning the TS2424 (more than 3 years) I have had a piece good quality ply on my fence. It's easy to find or make some square head bolts and it's so easy to slip them on or off, though mine are on most of the time. As you say you can attach/clamp all sorts of things to it. Mostly I use mine as a sacrificial fence or just a protector for the actual fence. It changes your ability to use the built in measure but I never use that anyway. Don't trust myself to use it properly, I use the old fashioned yardstick/tape etc.

        But at worst it protects your fence against mishaps...

        Cheers Ivor in Calgary


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          Board Buddies!

          If you have never used a set you do not know what you're missing. The slots in the fence make istall of this product a snap!
          Support Our Troops!


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            Here's a link to the board buddies. This is a really useful addon.

            Board Buddies