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  • outdoor TV cabinet

    I'm looking to build an outdoor tv cabinet (17 or 19" tv), in the corner of my deck. I know the obvious...make it waterproof, but if it's too tight then water condenses inside. So if I have an "air vent" in the bottom, is there a trick or something to keeping it from either being too damp or too air tight....maybe something to absorb the moisture. Location is NC so don't have to worry much about snow, etc.

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    Put a fan on the inside to keep the air in motion. A small 4" computer fan should last you a few years, but you will need a DC source.

    Just asking, but why don't you just build a TV stand out side with AC hookups and place the set there when you want it?


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      Thanks for the reply/idea. As to the cart, we kind of do that now, but it gets to be a "pain" moving/hooking up the TV. We eat breakfast out there almost every day, and the same for dinner... we like to watch the morning/evening news at the same time.


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        You can find 120 VAC 4" muffin fans at Radio Shack and from other sources for less than $15.
        Make sure you screen any opening so bugs like Wasps or Hornets don't make a home in there.