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Rough Lumber Sizing for Projects

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  • Rough Lumber Sizing for Projects

    When a plan calls for part(s) to be 3/4" thick, what size rough lumber would you purchase? From what I've read 4/4 lumber is 13/16" thick. Is this the size of the rough lumber you would purchase for the parts that need to be 3/4" thick or would you start with 5/4"?


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    Your mill may be different but around here 4/4 rough means 1" thick. You need the 1" to allow for 1/8" stock removal to produce a finished flat straight surface. If your rough 4/4 is only 13/16" you will need to go to 5/4 to get a 3/4" finished board. You may want to ask if they just had a bad run or if it is miss labeled and should really be 3/4 rough intended for 1/2" finished. Check how thick the 5/4 rough is, if it is 1 1/4" you will have a bunch of waste.You will also want to check what they bill you, a board foot is 4/4 X 12" X 12", if yours is 13/16" then you would only have 0.8125 BF


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      4/4 rough runs between 1" and 1 1/8" if the 4/4 your looking at is 13/16 it is not rough but s2s meaning it has already ben planed. the extra 1/16 is for finish sanding
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        Thanks for the quick replies.

        Your both correct. I had in mind that 4/4 was 13/16" thick thinking that was the dimension for rough lumber when in fact it is surfaced lumber.

        So with rough lumber a true 1", this would give you a full 1/4" to get the two faces flat, parallel and to the dimension you need (3/4" in my first post.

        Thanks again - papadan and wbrooks. Bernie


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          4/4" lumber is fine for making 3/4" lumber.
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